Scope & Objectives

The proposed project aims at developing an environmentally friendly and highly efficient process for the direct valorization of solid carbonaceous materials of low added value (e.g. biomass) and of particular importance for the EURO-MED area, namely: agricultural residues from olive and grape vines cultures and the organic fraction of urban waste, in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) system, aided by an internal catalytic gasification process, towards electricity generation.

  • Development of a highly efficient power system consisting of a SOFC combined with an internal catalytic gasification process.
  • Simultaneous utilization of solid bio-fuels (biomass/biochar) and gaseous (e.g., CO2, H2O, off-gases) raw materials.
  • Development of highly active and stable catalytic materials for bio-fuels gasification/pyrolysis.
  • Elucidation of the mechanism of coupled bio-fuels catalytic gasification and electro-oxidation.
  • Techno-economic assessment.